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While the globalization of the world advances, RWTH Aachen University sees itself as an internationally active university. Through the innovative teaching and learning concepts, students can gain insights into relevant fields of engineering and achieve an excellent education.

At the same time, during the last two decades, more and more students in China choose to study abroad for higher education, Germany is one of the top destinations.

Considering the prominent difference in education system, at the end of 2019, the China Office has been established, aiming to connect RWTH International Academy with the students, universities, enterprises and governmental sectors in China.

The China Office has been establishing an information platform in Chinese, providing information about RWTH Aachen University and RWTH International Academy, such as the English-taught master’s degree programs and their application procedures, the latest research achievements of RWTH Aachen institutes, and the living information in Aachen, etc. That will provide a convenient channel for Chinese students to find what they’re interested in.

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